Show 483, July 16, 2022: Chef Dominic Palmieri, Midway Gourmet, previewing the cuisine of the OC Fair Part One

Dominic Palmieri of Midway Gourmet

The 2022 OC Fair opened the gates on Friday, July 15th. Outrageous Fair Food is always a mouthwatering highlight. What crazy edible will they next put on a stick? One of the all-star, Fair Food personalities is the well-traveled Midway Gourmet, Chef Dominic Palmieri of Biggy’s fame on the RCS Carnival Midway.

Chef Dominic has noticed a taste trend in addition to the continuing appeal of spicy flavors. The creative minds at The Midway Gourmet have found spicy inspiration and now perfected a line of chicken sandwiches including the Hot Cheeto Chicken Sandwich, Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, and Cap’n Crunch Chicken Sandwich (topped with cereal.)

Also a juicy, Flaming Hot Cheeseburger topped with Hot Cheetos with premium Angus beef. It’s a flame-grilled charbroiled burger sandwiched between a toasted buttery bun dipped in melted cheddar cheese then rolled in ground-up hot Cheetos. The burger is then topped with melted cheese and whole crunchy hot Cheetos.

In the new, and (possibly) over-the-top department is a Hot Cheeto Float which is a lemon-lime float topped with Hot Cheetos. The fresh whipped cream tames it.

Think there is nothing new in the proud Fair tradition of funnel cakes? How about a warm Cap’n Crunch Funnel Cake?

We’ll find out what other indulgent deliciousness Chef Dominic is cooking up now through August 14th with Chef Dominic himself.

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