Show 487, August 13, 2022: Team USA 2023 with Ment’or BKB’s Young Yun and Chef Gavin Kaysen Part Two

Young Yun

When we last spoke with culinary Team USA 2023 supported by the Ment’or BKB Foundation they were on their way to Santiago, Chile to compete in the America’s Selection for the Bocuse d’Or. Teams from 8 North and South American countries battled for the right of being one of the 5 Teams selected to advance to the bi-annual Bocuse d’Or international culinary competition in Lyon, France in January. Team USA 2023 with Head Chef Jeffrey Hayashi and Commis Franco Fugel performed exceedingly well and were awarded First Place, and are now in rigorous training on the road to Lyon. Chef Gavin Kaysen, President of Ment’or BKB Foundation (and a Tasting Jury Judge in Santiago) and Ment’or Executive Director Young Yun continue as our guests to revisit Santiago and discuss the road ahead to Lyon for Team USA.

“Head Chef Jeffery Hayashi and Commis Franco Fugel followed the Bocuse d’Or format, which gave them 5 hours and 35 minutes in which to prepare and showcase their platter interpretation of Salmon and a plated theme with quinoa. They presented their creations in front of an esteemed chef jury, including Chef Davy Tissot, Bocuse d’Or 2021 Winner and Jury President as well as Kitchen Jury Judge and Team USA’s own Bocuse d’Or 2017 Winner, Chef Matthew Peters and Tasting Jury Judge, former Team USA Bocuse d’Or 2007 competitor, Chef Gavin Kaysen.”

“Chef Kaysen, who also serves as President of Ment’or, says, “Qualifying for the Bocuse d’Or finals in January was the ultimate goal, and while we would always want to place first, we have achieved our goal. We have our eyes set on the prize in Lyon. Achieving that will take more dedication and commitment, which we are ready to give. The team is excited for the opportunity to compete on the world’s largest stage. It is an honor to be back after the past few years of distress.””

“Bocuse d’Or is one of the most demanding global cooking competitions, and every two years, 60 countries select one of their best chefs to represent their nation. The 24 countries that will continue onward to the finals will cook in front of thousands of cheering fans hoping to bring home the gold. Team USA made history in 2017 with a historic Gold Medal win from Chef Mathew Peters. In 2015, Chef Philip Tessier placed on the podium for the first time at Bocuse d’Or, winning the silver medal.”

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