Show 488, August 27, 2022: Show Preview with Executive Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris

It’s a fast hour this Saturday morning as we graciously set aside for Angels Baseball (playing the Blue Jays in Toronto) with pre-game at 11:30 a.m. PT.

Under the direction of Guittard Chocolate Company’s acclaimed Executive Pastry Chef Donald Wressell, the Guittard Chocolate Studio in Culver City offers hands-on workshops with prominent chefs, chocolatiers and bakers for a unique opportunity for cooking professionals and serious home cooks to learn new skills, finesse techniques and expand on their chocolate knowledge. The next class is Persian Pastries with Chef Sahar Shomali on September 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. “In Persian Pastries, attendees will learn all about the foods of Iran: its history and cuisine, how its climate and geography effects cooking/baking trends, and how to replicate them, as well as the art of Persian sweets and pastries. Chef Sahar will also discuss chocolate and it’s place in Iranian cuisine, and together make different variations of classic sweets using chocolate.” Chef Donald Wressell and Chef Sahar Shomali are our guests with all the decadent details.

El Segundo Brewing is an independent craft brewery focusing on fresh, hoppy, West Coast IPAs. The Founder and Head Brewer is Rob Croxall. In May they celebrated their 11th Anniversary.
The celebrating continues with their Oktoberfest 2022 festivities on Saturday, Sept. 3rd starting at Noon. Last year they brought back Huftgold Festbier @ 5.8 % (a taste of Munich) and it was so successful that it’s back in pint cans with a real designed label. Also in the Oktoberfest 2022 line up is Dunkel Bock, a collaboration style with John Palmer, the author of How To Brew. It’s a malty-rich German lager that was first brewed in Einbeck, Germany in the 14th Century. ESBC describes it as somewhere between a Marzen and a Dopplebock. Rob Croxall joins us to tap the keg on the Oktoberfest festivities.

A worthy discovery on our June visit to Concord, CA was The Original Concord Taco Trail. “Concord has long been home to deliciously authentic, family-owned taquerias and restaurants. Visit Concord has gathered up a list of the best for taco lovers to explore. Each of the Trail’s nearly 40 locations offer specialty and signature tacos from al pastor, carnitas and carne asada to grilled tilapia, shrimp, vegitariano, and even filet mignon.” Monument Blvd., a predominately Hispanic District of Concord, has the largest concentration of establishments on the Concord Taco Trail. A highlight there is Tortilleria El Molino. They even make their own tortillas in-house. Representing Tortilleria El Molino is Estevan Morales, Operations Manager, and the son of founder Santiago Morales.

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s not-to-miss show!

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