Show 488, August 27, 2022: The Concord Taco Trail, Concord, CA with Tortilleria El Molino represented by Estevan Morales

Estavan Morales of Tortilleria El Molino

A worthy discovery on our June visit to Concord, CA was The Original Concord Taco Trail. “Concord has long been home to deliciously authentic, family-owned taquerias and restaurants. Visit Concord has gathered up a list of the best for taco lovers to explore. Each of the Trail’s nearly 40 locations offer specialty and signature tacos from al pastor, carnitas and carne asada to grilled tilapia, shrimp, vegitariano, and even filet mignon.”

Monument Blvd., a predominately Hispanic District of Concord, has the largest concentration of establishments on the Concord Taco Trail. A highlight there is Tortilleria El Molino. They even make their own flour and corn tortillas in-house. They have an adject Hispanic ethnic market with a full bakery, expansive meat department and a fully stocked fresh produce aisle.

Representing Tortilleria El Molino is Estevan Morales, Operations Manager, and the son of founder Santiago Morales.

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