Show 489, September 3, 2022: L.A. Weekly’s Food Editor, Michele Stueven on The Tam O’Shanter at 100 Part Two

Michele Stueven of LA Weekly

The venerable and architecturally significant Tam O’Shanter in Atwater Village is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year. Always a favorite of Walt Disney it’s currently overseen by the fourth-generation of the founding Frank and Van de Kamp families. Their CEO (Ryan O’Melveny Wilson) is an accomplished chef.

A culmination of the anniversary festivities was a six-course centennial repast held in mid-July. The elaborate Sunday dinner highlighted significant dishes from various eras of the Tam’s historic past. Of course the signature Lawry’s Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding was on the evening’s menu. Would you believe beef tamales, too (and there is a story behind that)?

LA Weekly’s well-respected Food Editor, Michele Stueven, was the co-host. Michele continues with us to recap the memorable evening and the historical significance of the Tam O’Shanter on the ever-changing Los Angeles restaurant scene.

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