Show 491, September 17, 2022: Chef Seth Kondor, Culinary Director, and Head Baker Teddy Louloudes, Chiles Hospitality Part One

Seth Kondor of Chiles Hospitality

Chiles Hospitality is a family of three iconic waterfront restaurants (Sandbar Seafood & SpiritsMar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub and Beach House Waterfront Restaurant), an organic farm (Gamble Creek Farms) with 26 acres of organic vegetables, fruits and flowers, and a full bakery (Anna Maria Bake House.) With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, all of their concepts work together to provide the best dishes for their guests and the environment.”

“Chiles Hospitality embodies an underlying feel of unspoiled Florida accompanied by breathtaking views and unbeatable quality. Since the acquisition of the Sandbar in 1979, each unique concept added has come to enhance the others established before it. This growth strategy has helped to maintain the cohesive family atmosphere, fostering collaboration between the individual businesses.”

“Anna Maria Bake House is the sweetest part of Chiles Hospitality. Inspired by ancient grains and traditional baking methods, Anna Maria Bake House began as a small segment responsible for supplying the restaurants with breads and crackers to accompany the respective chef’s dishes. The bakery has since risen to the occasion of creating all of the featured desserts found on each menu as well as providing select items for online pre-order and pick-up at two locations.”

Chiles Hospitality’s Culinary Director, Seth Kondor and Anna Maria Bake House’s Head Baker, Teddy Louloudes are our guests.

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