Show 491, September 17, 2022: David and Pamela Fay, Proprietors, Shogun Farms, Seffner, FL

David and Pamela Fay of Shogun Farms

The goal at Shogun Farms (David and Pamela Fay) has been to provide the best, natural feed, clean and organic Wild Boar meat through trapping and eradication of nuisance Boar that destroy crops or endanger other natural indigenous wildlife.

“After years of hunting and trapping wild boarDavid Fay had the idea to turn them into a clean and healthy food source. And since Florida has an estimated 1 million feral hogs / wild boar — the most in the country per square mile —Shogun Farms saw an opportunity to capitalize on that idea in a unique way. Basically a win-win situation; remove hogs from land plus a natural meat to provide to the consumers. 

But most importantly, The Fays believe that by treating these animals with respect and giving them the best life on the farm not only sets a higher standard for animal welfare but also produces a healthier, all-natural product for their customers.”

“Wild Boar meat is leaner, darker and intensely more flavorful than farm-raised. Naturally, the flavor of the meat is dependent upon the diet of the animal. Shogun Farms wild boar is all natural and on a free-range diet of nuts, grass, and locally grown vegetables. You can expect a sweet and nutty taste that is cleaner than more fatty protein options.”

Shogun Farms’ David and Pamela Fay join us.

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