Show 492, September 24, 2022: Nile Dreiling, Co-Founder, Holey Grail Donuts, Kauai, Oahu and Los Angeles, CA Part Two

Nile Dreiling of Holey Grail Donuts

“Founded in Hanalei by siblings Hana and Nile Dreiling, Holey Grail has built a cult-following for its donuts made with taro-based dough and unique Hawaiian-inspired flavors using ethically sourced ingredients from locally owned farms. From the 2018 opening of its first food truck, originally starting with a little red hamburger trailer and $100 fryer, they quickly garnered hours long lines of people. Holey Grail now operates two storefronts in Hawaii and a food truck in Waikiki, and has become a much-loved stalwart of the island. This year, Holey Grail made its debut on the mainland, as they prepare to open two shops in Los Angeles [Santa Monica & Larchmont] in addition to a food truck currently parked at the Platform in Culver City and usually at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday.”

“Holey Grail Donuts are made with taro, an ancient superfood revered for its nutritional, medicinal and ecological benefits, and are fried in organic, fair trade coconut oil. Holey Grail has created more than 60 flavors since its founding, as it strives to spotlight the best of Hawaiian-grown ingredients. Flavors include Strawberry Fields (Kula farms Maui strawberries with a Mizuba matcha swirl), Island Chocolate (glazed in Lydgate Farms single estate dark chocolate), L & L (lemon zest infused sugar, lime curd, finger lime caviar and begonia petals), and Chaga Chai (hot dough rolled in chai spices, chaga mushroom, cinnamon and sugar), among others. Holey Grail has also recently collaborated with various chefs & culinary personalities such as Alexis Deboschnek, Mei Lin and Rick Martinez.”

“While the team is still committed to showcasing Hawaiian flavors, Holey Grail is not compromising on its sourcing ethics as it grows, and will partner with California farmers to source produce, in addition to maintaining its relationships with Hawaiian growers for ingredients like organic taro, coconut oil and cacao. With thoughtful and ethical sourcing, handmade recipes and indulgent flavors, Holey Grail is setting out to offer the world’s greatest donut experience.”

Holey Grail’s Co-founder Nile Dreiling continues with us.

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