Show 496, October 22, 2022: Anna Maria Oyster Bar on The Pier, Bradenton Beach, FL Part Two

Lynn Horne of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar

“The fun and family-friendly atmosphere a guest experiences in any Anna Maria Oyster Bar location comes from the warm smiles and gratitude their wonderful and loyal staff bring to the guests. Their dedication to keeping their restaurants fresh and fun for all who dine with Anna Maria Oyster Bar stems from the desire to make the guest experience memorable. From their managers and servers, cooks and kitchen staff, AMOB aims to provide you pleasant service at a great value.”

“AMOB was founded on the Anna Maria City Pier in 1996, and the City Pier will always be their home. While this location closed in 1999, this is where AMOB established regulars and made a name for themselves with fresh seafood and fun atmosphere.” Fortunately in 2015 Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the Pier launched on the Historic Bridge Street Pier in Bradenton Beach, FL with unrivaled views of the Intercoastal Waterway. Also on the Bridge Street Pier is Paradise Boat Tours known for their informative & entertaining dolphin and manatee excursions.

“AMOB’s coastal-inspired menu showcases traditional favorites like fresh seafood, lobster, shrimp, chicken, soups and salads, fish specials and more. Don’t miss the Tuna Stack. And of course, AMOB wouldn’t be an oyster bar if they didn’t have delicious oysters available in a variety of preparations.”

Anna Maria Island was spared from the destructive forces of Hurricane Ian. Some neighboring areas that are part of AMOB’s market area weren’t so fortunate. AMOB has a long history of supporting the communities they serve. AMOB was part of an ambitious feeding program in these impacted neighboring areas while they were without power and water.

We reel in Managing Partner and Director of Purchasing Lynn Horne to continue with us and explaining all that is Anna Maria Oyster Bar. (Think Conch Fritters…)

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