Show 497, October 29, 2022: Executive Chef and General Manager Chad Urata, Artisan Restaurant & Café, Fountain Valley Part One

Chad Urata of Artisan 7 Leaves

“On the heels of celebrating its first anniversary, Fountain Valley-based ARTISAN has introduced new, hand-crafted pizzas to its celebrated menu. The elevated fast-casual restaurant and café, a marriage of Orange County-born concepts, 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery, has gained a loyal following for its energetic and unique teas, and focused, chef-driven menu of brunch-focused anytime dishes and premium baked goods. Now, the concept takes the same quality ingredients and attention to detail and extends it to an innovative selection of ARTISAN Café Pizza offerings prepared under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Chad Urata.”

“Each pizza features an artisanal crust that begins with pillowy dough created by award-winning baker Tarit Tanjasiri, owner of Crema Bakery and co-founder of ARTISAN. “While each ARTISAN Café Pizza is baked to order, great care is taken in the preparation of the dough,” explained Tanjasiri, who oversees all of the baked goods served at ARTISAN. “Our ingredients are simple – flour, water, salt, natural starter, and time – the latter being key, as flavor is developed through a 48-hour cold fermentation.””

“Upon entering the 3,000 square-foot restaurant and café, guests are immersed into an environment that revolves around chic European style, reminiscent of a fine Parisian boulangerie, complete with a display of fresh-baked bread and pastries.”

Chef & Manager Chad Urata takes a break from his busy kitchen to join us with pizza peel in hand.

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