Show 498, November 5, 2022: Ron Salisbury, 3rd Generation Proprietor, El Cholo Family of Restaurants Part One

Ron Salisbury of El Cholo

El Cholo, perhaps Los Angeles’ most iconic, honored and beloved Mexican Restaurant is now gearing up for its 100th Anniversary during 2023 under the watchful eye of Ron Salisbury, 3rd generation proprietor of The El Cholo Family of Restaurants. Ron Salisbury will also celebrate his 90th Birthday during 2023. Mr. Salisbury has been working with the El Cholo restaurant chain for 68-years! Several of his descendants also currently work within his family’s business, including fourth, fifth and even sixth generation family members!”

“As part of the 100th Anniversary festivities El Cholo has unveiled its new Logo and Slogan: Creating Memories for 100 Years!” El Cholo is actively planning a series of special events and promotions during 2023 for its longtime customers and Southern California guests.” “A series of Special Food Items will be offered, including: “A Taste of HistoryPlate, served on a commemorative plate (available for separate purchase.) Also, several Classic Old Dishes will return as special features, including the Spanish Omelet; Enchiladas with Fried Egg; Tostada Compuesta; Sopa de Fideo, and many others!”

“Says Mr. Salisbury, “Many other restaurants, when they approach 100, start slowing down or taking their eye off the ball. But we still stand firmly at the top of our game. We continue to be aggressive in providing the best Mexican restaurant experience possible – one that only El Cholo can offer. Myself, my kids, my grandkids and even my great-grandkids are proudly committed to continuing the El Cholo tradition – one that my grandparents began way back in 1923 – well into the future!””

“Today, El Cholo is one of Southern California’s oldest restaurants, as well as one of LA’s very first Mexican restaurants. El Cholo has been and remains a family-owned business for 100 years! The six El Cholo restaurants currently operating in Southern California – the original site on Western Ave., Downtown Los Angeles, Anaheim Hills, Corona del Mar, La Habra, and Santa Monica – are all owned by Ron Salisbury (grandson of the founders) and his family, through their company, Restaurant Business, Inc.”

“The successful legacy of El Cholo lies in its commitment to the highest-quality ingredients, renowned service, truly unique atmosphere, a long, family-owned history, and remarkably loyal employees (many of whom have put in 20-50 years of continuous service!) Says Ron Salisbury, “El Cholo isn’t just a place to eat. It’s part of the culture of Los Angeles and has been for a century now. To me, El Cholo represents a cross-section of what LA is really all about – we have people coming in Rolls-Royce’s and people taking the bus. We have students, wealthy people, people barely getting along, and even some struggling actors. You name it, they come here. To me, that’s always been a big part of our everlasting charm.””

Ron shares the story of the famous El Cholo Margarita which was introduced back in 1967. As Salisbury freely admits initially it wasn’t very good. A regular customer then shared his perfected recipe for what now is the signature, and ever-popular, El Cholo Margarita.

El Cholo’s current executive chef, Felix Salcedo, has been with them since 1986.

3rd generation proprietor, Ron Salisbury, is our guest with a plate of Carmen’s Original Nachos, in hand.

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