Show 499, November 12, 2022: Chef Ted Hopson, Vice President, Gourmet Imports

Chef Ted Hopson

We know Chef Ted Hopson from the fondly remembered The Bellwether in Studio City which was an unfortunate victim of the pandemic. The better news is that Chef Ted is now the very busy Vice President at Gourmet Imports in Alhambra.

“Gourmet Imports is a Los Angeles area-based importer and distributor of specialty foods that has been serving Chefs and culinary professionals since 1989. The company was built on a commitment to service, quality and integrity. Gourmet Imports carries over 300 cheeses as well as nearly 2,000 other culinary items including: caviar, charcuterie, pâté, oils, vinegars, chocolate, baking and pastry ingredients and much, much more.”

“Ingredients & traditions matter. Working to preserve & promote them is something Gourmet Imports is deeply passionate about. They believe that food & dining are integral to our social fabric and in these times where nearly everything is synthesized, automated, expedited, and/or truncated, they are thankful to the passionate farmers & artisans that produce the goods that Gourmet Imports carries. They are equally grateful to their clients for their support, for their insistence on authenticity & excellence, and their work to provide experiences around which we can all connect over a shared meal (even if the mid-meal Instagram post has become all but inevitable).”

We’re catching up with Chef Ted Hopson.

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