Show 5: November 10, 2012: Piero Selvaggio of Valentino Restaurtant

Piero Salvaggio of Valentino Restaurant in Santa Monica, Houston and Las VegasVery few fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles survive for 5 years so an establishment which is celebrating 40 years of success under the same ownership is real news! Such is the case with Valentino in Santa Monica under the watchful eye of L.A.’s consummate and most gracious host, Piero Selvaggio.

Unbelievably after 40 years Piero still can’t wait for the doors to open nightly at Valentino so he can greet and seat his loyal guests. That’s the art of hospitality.

Valentino’s remarkable wine cellar is known and respected internationally. It’s one of the most comprehensive in the United States with some 1,200 selections and 70,000 bottles!
November 14th is the “Forty Years, Forty Dishes and Forty Wines at Valentino” Anniversary Dinner. Executive Chef Nico Chessa and Pastry Chef Allessandro Stroppa will collaborate with guest chefs Celestino Drago and Steve Samson. The menu of 40 courses and 40 wines (small bites and 2 oz. wine pours) will be inspired by the cuisine of Sicily’s most revered chef, Ciccio Sultano, to commemorate the 40 years of Valentino and the dishes of Sardinia and Sicily, Piero’s birthplace.

December 4th is the “Valentino 40th Anniversary While Truffle Dinner and Celebration.” The evening features Walter Ferretto of the multi-starred Cascinale Nuovo in Asti, Piedmonte along with Valentino alumni chefs Luciano Pellegrini, Angolo Auriana, Davide Giova and Valentino Executive Chef Nico Chessa and Pastry Chef Alessandro Stroppa. This ultimate white truffle dinner with 10 courses includes a course with white truffles freshly harvested the night before and hand carried by Ferretto from Asti. The menu will feature signature dishes from the history of Valentino created by the alumni chefs.