Show 500, November 19, 2022: Jeff Sedacca, Chief Executive Officer, Sterling Caviar, Elverta, CA Part One

Jeff Sedecca of Sterling Caviar

Sterling Caviar, now the largest caviar producer in the United States, has an illustrious history going back to 1983 when Stolt Sea Farm started sturgeon production in Wilton, CA. In 1985, Sierra Aquafarms started operations in Elverta, CA (current site of Sterling Caviar), and soon became the pioneer in water recirculating technology. Soon, the two companies formed a joint venture and operated as Stolt Sea Farm California LLC with the goal of developing methods for producing caviar from sturgeon.”

“In 1988, the Elverta and Wilton farms became the first commercial sturgeon farming operation in California using sustainable farming practices and tank reconfigurations. Soon, the farms, stocked with world-famous white sturgeon, began producing caviar. Several years later in 1993, and thanks to the ongoing collaboration with U.C. Davis and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Elverta and Wilton farms became the first in the world to produce commercial quantities of caviar from tank-raised sturgeon!”

“In 2006, Stolt Sea Farm California LLC changed its name to Sterling Caviar and continued to operate four farms in California: Elverta, Wilton, Elk Grove and Ione. In October 2020, Sterling Caviar and its farms were acquired by its new owner, Eugene Fernandez, a New York entrepreneur / businessman intent on growing the aquaculture business while adhering to the work ethics and principles taught by his late father. With a truly dedicated, supportive, and highly-knowledgeable Management team in place, the Company continues to be the leading producer of domestic caviar, serving the most discerning chefs, customers, and caviar connoisseurs both here in the U.S. and abroad.”

“California-based Sterling Caviar currently offers five grades of domestically raised white sturgeon caviar. Their caviar is graded by egg size and texture, and – in the case of their Imperial grade only – by color.” Sterling also sells their high-quality sturgeon meat to restaurants and foodservice so nothing is wasted.

This year Sterling Caviar was awarded the prestigious Gold Award in the Seafood Category as well as the Product of the Year honors by the Specialty Food Association.

Jeff Sedacca, Sterling Caviar’s Chief Executive Officer, takes a break from packing the Imperial Caviar and joins us.

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