Show 506, January 7, 2023: Darley Newman, Travel Journalist – 10th Season of “Travels with Darley” Part One

Darley Newman of Travels with Darley

“The 10th season of travel journalist Darley Newman’s TRAVELS WITH DARLEY brings viewers insights into the deeper meaning of travel through diverse culture, cuisine, heritage, and history as told by the locals and Darley drawing on over a decade and a half of global travels. Launching starting in January 2023 on PBS stations with eight (8) all-new 30-minute episodes, Darley once again steps out of her comfort zone to share travels that help rejuvenate and restore balance between mind, body and soul.”

“With the opening of international borders after over two years of pandemic isolation, Darley anticipated people would want to visit places that would serve to quench their pent-up quest for travel and better their personal well-being. Filmed in international and U.S. locations, including Istanbul and throughout Türkiye, Quebec, Santa Fe, Bordeaux and Wilmington, Delaware, Darley enlists local experts for eight half hour episodes.”

“I’ve always looked to share lesser-known stories. As my crew and I reflect on filming ten seasons, I’m particularly excited about our episodes featuring ‘human interest journeys that will help those who watch reflect on the deeper meaning of travel and to value how stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the time to learn can enrich our lives and inspire us to be more than… beyond the bragging rights moments,” said Darley Newman, the series host and creator. “By traveling the world and getting to know new people and places, we can become better global citizens and more inspired people.”

TRAVELS WITH DARLEY is available locally on KCET.

Darley Newman is our well-traveled guest.

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