Show 512, February 11, 2023: Executive Chef Wes Whitsell, Hatchet Hall, Culver City Part Two

Wes Whitsell of Hatchet Hall

Hatchet Hall in Culver City (on the border with Los Angeles) is your lively neighborhood restaurant and bar (with a new Michelin Star) focusing on the simplicity of quality ingredients, relationships to their farmers, and a relaxed good time.”

“Hatchet Hall specializes in working relationships with local farmers and purveyors to provide the best quality experience for the table. The basis of the restaurant is family — whether it’s your loved ones, farmers, or guests, — we all gather around the same table. The menu changes daily, reflecting the seasons of California and Chef Wes Whitsell’s creativity, purchasing produce with limitation and the idea of keeping things exciting for the staff and guests. The food is simple; not heavily plated or overdone, finding beauty in imperfection.”

“The wine list is regularly updated with limited runs on by the glass options, focusing on the culture and history of the wine as well as the natural wine movement of all organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines. The spirits list is vast, specializing in American Whiskey with expressions and nuances that you’re only able to get from being able to purchase a full single barrel.”

“Raised in a small Texas town, by an avid outdoorsman and farmer, Chef Wes grew up eating what was hunted and gathered in the traditional sense. Before it was a trend, it was Wes’s way of life.”

“Hatchet Hall is a restaurant that aligns deeply with his values. Wes has a strong belief in the integrity of the food he cooks, while never forgetting those early lessons he learned from his own roots: that small Texas town. At Hatchet Hall, he taps into his Southern roots, the live fire component that makes the restaurant so special, while drawing inspiration from his past culinary experiences, his relationships to farmers, and the amazing produce California has to offer.”

Chef Wes Whitsell takes another break from his busy kitchen to continue with us. He has an order of the Anson Mills Cornbread with cheddar, shishito and honey butter at the ready.

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