Show 512, February 11, 2023: The Vegetarian Reset – 75 Low Carb, Plant-Forward Recipes from Around the World with Author Vasudha Viswanath Part Two

Vasudha Viswanath of the Vegetarian Reset

“Is the global transition to “plant-based” headed in the right direction? How sustainable is a plant-based diet if it revolves around refined carbs like bread, rice and noodles, or fake meat, uninspiring salads, and sugary smoothies? The Vegetarian Reset – 75 Low Carb, Plant-Forward Recipes from Around the World by Vasudha Viswanath celebrates a lifestyle where a foodie’s sensibility intersects with eating healthy. It solves the never-ending dilemma that vegetarians face – is life fun when you eat a salad every day or is your health taking a backseat when you eat a big bowl of rice or pasta without enough protein? The Vegetarian Reset has 75 low-carb and high-protein recipes that are rooted in whole foods like vegetables, legumes, spices, and healthy fats.”

Vasudha Viswanath continues with us with a slice of her signature Zucchini Bread at the ready.

“In her debut cookbook, Vasudha takes her readers on a little trip around the world, to draw inspiration from an array of traditional cuisines from east to west. Her recipes put vegetables front and center – for example, using riced cauliflower or spiralized vegetables in lieu of white rice or noodles, and creating breads out of less-processed alternatives like chickpea and almond flour. Smoothies are refreshingly savory, and desserts are lightly sweetened with whole fruit. Due to their focus on vegetables, the recipes in this book tend to be moderately low-carb and are predominantly gluten-free. Nutritional facts are provided for each recipe. Moderate amounts of full-fat dairy and eggs are called for in some recipes, but vegan alternatives are often suggested as well.”

There is even an unexpectedly decant chapter for “Desserts.” Think Hazelnut Brownies sweetened with Mejdool Dates.

“Vasudha Viswanath is the founder of We Ate Well, a community for foodies that focuses on eating mindfully and sustainably on a vegetarian diet. She has been a lifelong vegetarian and passionate home cook. Her journey into eating healthy started with a doctor’s note about her elevated blood sugar after a routine physical. She transformed the way she cooks to cut out excessive starch and sugar and has never felt better. After spending over a decade on Wall Street where she specialized in technology and business strategy, Vasudha left her career in finance to write a cookbook and create We Ate Well. She grew up in Bangalore, India and now lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.”

Vasudha graciously shares the recipes for Zucchini Bread and Pav Bhaji (Mumbai street food) from The Vegetarian Reset with us.

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