Show 518, March 25, 2023: Owner / Chef Bruce Kalman, Soul Belly BBQ, Las Vegas

Bruce Kalman of Soulbelly BBQ at Sahara Las Vegas

“Located on Main St in Las Vegas’ booming Arts District, SoulBelly touts killer creative regional bbq from the mind of a chef, with a strong emphasis on Central Texas. Additionally offering deliciously simple cocktails, hyper-local beer, and live entertainment in a bustling venue. Their mission is simple – use the most responsibly raised, high-quality ingredients to create the best possible bbq, and just have fun!”

“Proprietor Bruce Kalman was previously the well-known Chef and Co-Owner of UNION in Pasadena, CA, and was Chef and Co-Owner of Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market in L.A.’s Grand Central Market before relocating to Las Vegas. His commitment to indigenous ingredients goes beyond the farmers’ market to build strong connections with local providers, keeping the operations’ carbon footprint low, supporting the local economy, and connecting diners to high-quality vegetables, meats, and cheeses straight from the source. He is known for his passion for nose-to-tail animal butchery.”

“His next act, SoulBelly BBQ, combines Kalman’s love of butchery with a passion for chef-driven flavors and techniques. The restaurant is a love letter to regional barbeque flavors across the United States, with thoughtful sides, snacks, and artisanal pickles from Kalman’s side project, BK Brinery.”

Chef Bruce Kalman is our guest with BBQ tongs in hand.

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