Show 524, May 6, 2023: Vegas Test Kitchen with Founder Jolene Mannina and Pastry Chef Andrea McLean of Pop N Pies Part One

Food Entrepreneur Jolene Mannina

A bit over two years ago Vegas Test Kitchen located in Downtown Las Vegas debuted under the direction of Vegas food entrepreneur Jolene Mannina. “It’s purpose during the pandemic was to provide a creative space for chefs to test out restaurant concepts, host popup dinners and stage events. Over 50 chefs have participated in Vegas Test Kitchen.”

Their lease is not being renewed and VTK will have a Closing Night Food Fest and Farewell Party on Saturday, June 3rd from 6 to 9:00 p.m.

“The pandemic persuaded Jolene to launch the Vegas Test Kitchen, and now she fully appreciates its value to small businesses. VTK helped so many people kickstart their dreams. Culinary incubators are needed in all cities to help chefs take their first step in business. Within only three months of being at the Test Kitchen chefs have the ability to dive into their proposed menu, make adjustments, start recipe development, and build their brand with little out-of-pocket expenses.”

VTK success stories include everything from ethereal bagels to gourmet pizza made with a sourdough starter base.

Pastry Chef Andrea McLean is one of the earliest chefs with a residency at VTK with her incredibly popular PopNpies bakery. Specialties include Blueberry Crumble and Peanut Butter Chocolate pies. Definitely a VTK success story.

We’ll meet Chef Andrea as well as highlight the successes of VTK with Jolene Mannina.

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