Show 533, July 8, 2023: The Hitching Post, Casmalia with General Manager Terri Strickland Part Two

Terri  Strickland of the Hitching Post

“Casmalia, California, former cow-town of the Old West, is where California-style barbecuing was brought to perfection by the pioneers. The Hitching Post (having celebrated their 70th Anniversary of Ostini Family ownership last year) has brought this live-oak California-style barbecuing to perfection bringing choice, aged beef to the ultimate of gourmet flavor and tenderness while keeping alive the traditions of the old romantic West.”

“The weatherworn walls of The Hitching Post’s 120 year-old building are crammed with memories that induce an atmosphere of Western nostalgia to the romantically inclined people who can relax and trade the pressures of the fast, modern world for an evening of Old West hospitality.”

All Dinners at The Hitching Post (a full meal) prepared with the culinary guidance of Proprietor Chef Bill Ostini. include fresh vegetable tray, bay shrimp cocktail, dinner salad, choice of home cut French fries, baked potato or grilled vegetables, garlic bread, coffee or tea, ice cream or sherbet. All entrees are prepared on their famous (and Instagramable) indoor barbecue pit, using local red oak wood.”

“Santa Maria Barbecue focuses on slow cooking with indirect heat but over an open wood fire rather than in a closed smoker, and typically features the large tri-tip beef roast. The Hitching Posts build on this local tradition with far more than tri-tip, marrying cowboy customs with excellent cuts of steak and seafood. This is open fire barbecue at its very highest level.”

Founder Frank Ostini Sr.’s daughter, Terri Strickland, continues with us with an order of warm garlic bread at the ready. Terri is The Hitching Post’s General Manager.

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