Show 534, July 15, 2023: Robert Schueller – The Prince of Produce. Melissa’s World Variety Produce’s “VP of Produce” Part Two

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA Studio

It’s Summer and time to revisit our “always in the know” resident produce authority, Robert Schueller, of Melissa’s World Variety Produce. When it comes to knowledge of the season’s best there is no better resource than Robert (also known as “The Prince of Produce.”) Robert now continues his presentation highlighting the newest and freshest produce items that are available right now. Contemplate the three varieties of Dragon Fruit, PinkGlow Pineapples and Yellow, Orange and Sunshine Watermelon.

Hatch Pepper season (the flavorful pepper with short season that grows in a variety of hotnesses from mild to hot) is knocking at the door in later July. Robert Schueller continues as our guest with an exotic Mangosteen in hand.

“Feast your eyes on the exotic Elefante Green Gold™ pineapple! This extremely rare, dazzling emerald green-skinned pineapple stands taller, skinnier, and larger than your average pineapple. It boasts an edible core and soft, white flesh ripe with honey-sweetness and almost no acidity.”

“The Elefante Green Gold™ is a variety native to West Africa. It’s grown in Ekumfi Abor, just a few hours west of Ghana’s capital, at a farm specializing in ethical pineapple cultivation and creating sustainable farming communities. This variety of pineapple is perfectly ripe and ready-to-eat, even when the outer shell is green.”

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