Show 536, July 29, 2023: Brewmaster Bob Brandt – Red Car Brewery and Restaurant, Old Town Torrance

Bob Brandt of Red Car Brewery and Restaurant

“At Red Car Brewery and Restaurant in Old Town Torrance, the first craft brewery in Torrance, Brewmaster and owner Bob Brandt oversees the brewing of every barrel of Red Car ale enjoyed by their loyal patrons since 2000. From classics to their seasonal offerings, their fun variety of beers are imbued with personality and crafted with care.”

“Red Car beers are quintessentially English. They use English barley, wheat, yeast strains, and hops. In some of their beer styles, they incorporate domestic hops as well. Red Car Brewery’s small brewing system produces 14 kegs per batch — about 220 gallons.”

Motorman Reserve™ is one of Red Car Brewery’s classic ales. It shows complex flavor in a beer that is deceptively light. Pale Ale, Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts all contribute to an ale of modest strength. This ale is a satisfying tribute to the men who drove the thundering Big Red Cars.” Another popular style is there South Bay I.P.A. “It’s a potent combination of alcohol and fresh hop flavors. Remaining true to the style the Red Car Brewery selection is served unfiltered.”

A future segment will highlight the menu at Red Car Brewery & Restaurant. Think Signature Sandwiches, Brewpub Burgers, Fresh Pastas, Chicken Piccata, Woodfired Pizzas and Salads.

Brewmaster Bob Brandt is our guest to tap the keg on all that is Red Car Brewery.

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