Show 536, July 29, 2023: THE RANCH’s Hatch Pepper Dinner with Melissa’s Robert Schueller and THE RANCH’s Jake Williams

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA Studio

Melissa’s, the renowned provider of specialty fruits and vegetables, is participating in a captivating collaboration dinner with THE RANCH Restaurant & Saloon’s Event Center in Anaheim featuring the beloved Hatch peppers. This exclusive event promises to be a culinary experience like no other, as two industry leaders join forces to showcase the exceptional flavors of these highly coveted seasonal peppers.”

“The Hatch pepper, famously grown in the fertile fields of Hatch Valley, New Mexico, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts nationwide. Known for its distinctive roasting qualities, the Hatch pepper adds a unique touch to any dish it graces. In celebration of this extraordinary ingredient, Melissa’s and THE RANCH Culinary Team have crafted an exquisite menu that will tantalize guests’ taste buds.”

The Hatch Pepper Collaboration Dinner, set to take place on Saturday, August 12, will be an evening filled with culinary enchantment. The renowned chefs from THE RANCH Culinary Team will artfully prepare a multi-course feast, highlighting the versatility and complexity of the Hatch peppers. From the featured welcome cocktail to dessert, each dish will showcase these exceptional peppers’ remarkable flavors and culinary potential. It’s a true celebration of fresh produce and the art of culinary excellence.”

“Guests can anticipate a sensory journey as they indulge in meticulously crafted dishes like the Hatch Pepper & Yellowtail Aguachile Ceviche, a refreshing blend of cool summer flavors with a hint of smoky heat. The main course will feature the Hatch Pepper & Blue Cheese Crusted Cape Grim Grass-Fed Filet, skillfully prepared to perfection, accentuating the natural richness of the beef with a delightful peppery touch. To conclude this remarkable evening, guests will be treated to a delectable Hatch Pepper-infused dessert that will leave a lasting impression.” There is a premium wine pairing included to accompany each savory course. Melissa’s Robert Schueller (a.k.a. The Prince of Produce) and Jake Williams, Marketing Manager for THE RANCH join us to share all the tantalizing Dinner details.

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