Show 541, September 2, 2023: Restaurateur Qiana Mafnas, Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ, Long Beach Part One

Qiana Mafras of Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ

Black Restaurant Week is presenting its sixth annual campaign in the Los Angeles Region. It’s on until September 3rd.

Discover black-owned restaurants, food trucks, sweets, and more across Los Angeles and additional surrounding metro areas.”

“Founded in 2016 by Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell, and Derek Robinson, Black Restaurant Week® is dedicated to celebrating the flavors of African-American, African, and Caribbean cuisine nationwide. Through a series of events and promotional campaigns, Black Restaurant Week’s culinary initiatives nationwide help introduce culinary businesses and culinary professionals to the community.”

“Black Restaurant Week celebrates the flavors of African American, African and Caribbean cuisine with a series of regional cultural events and aims to support Black-owned culinary businesses with substantial programming outside of their multi-city tour across the United States.”

One of the participating restaurants in Los Angeles Black Restaurant Week is Long Beach’s Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ. Ian and Qiana Mafnas of Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ are a husband and wife pitmaster / executive chef team, that have over 20 years of restaurant experience between the two of them. Ian has been developing his love for smoking meats over a period of eight years, and Qiana has worked in some of the finest restaurants in California. They have finally decided to share their experience as well as the love for smoking meats and cooking with their community and the “Axiom Fam”.

“Axiom Kitchen is managed and run by the Mafnas family, including their son and daughter-in-law, Chef Tai and Chef Dominique, and front-of-house managers Elleana and Robbie. Add their amazing expediters Kevell, Christopher, Callista, Ian Jr., and Amara and you have magic!”

Follow their Instagram feed to know where Axiom Kitchen will be popping up next.

Qiana Mafnas is our guest with a brisket plate in hand.

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