Show 543, September 16, 2023: Firkenstein Craft Beer Festival, Anaheim, with Producer Greg Nagel

Greg Nagel of FirkFest

“What would have been the 7th annual Firkfest in Anaheim in 2020 is finally back in 2023 as Firkenstein Craft Beer Festival. Note that it’s no longer cask only. The only prerequisite is breweries are required to bring something special made just for the event.”

“Firkenstein Craft Beer Festival is happening on Saturday, October 7th, 2023 from 4-8 p.m. in Downtown Anaheim surrounding the city’s decorated Halloween tree on West Center Street Promenade, including 30 plus of California’s best breweries, including Monkish, Green Cheek, Highland Park, Moonlight, Everywhere, and others”

“It’s not only a fall beer festival where you can get dressed up, but your beer can too,” notes founder and organizer Greg Nagel @OCBeerBlog. “Two of my favorite things are Halloween and Oktoberfest, both of which happen near each other, so why not have a Halloweenish Oktoberfest?” he continued. Most beers are specially made just for the event, meaning you can only get a taste for them at the festival.

“Around thirty of SoCal’s best brewers are invited, and the event is heavily attended by the beer industry, brewers, and beer lovers alike. The festival is never oversold, capping guests at around 600, which sells out every year it’s been around.” “The venue is slightly larger than previous years, so we may add a little bit,” notes Nagel.

“The festival supports the Anaheim Fall Festival and Parade, which is in its 100th year this October. The Firkenstein Craft Beer Festival will feature local chefs, music, and have a costume contest.”

Founder and Organizer Greg Nagel of OC Beer Blog is our guest to tap the keg of the upcoming Firkenstein Craft Beer Festival.

Greg has a special offer for our Listeners. Ticket price is $59 plus processing fee. If you buy your ticket and use in the Promo Code Box : “AM830” you’ll earn a $10 discount. The event typically sells out early so plan accordingly!

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