Show 564, February 10, 2024: Chef Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes Part One

Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes

Chef Duff Goldman is a New York Times bestselling author who stars on many of Food Network’s most watched shows including the Baking Championship series, Kids Baking Championship and The Elf on the Shelf: Sweet Showdown. He just signed a new multiyear deal at the network.”

“His most recent cookbook Super Good Cookies for Kids was released in 2022 and Super Good Baking for Kids in 2020.”

“Duff is the owner of the successful bakery, Charm City Cakes based in Baltimore. His bakery has created famous cakes for everything from Obama’s inauguration to an R2-D2 cake for Lucasfilm to Lady Gaga’s birthday cake for Tony Bennett. His signature cakes are now available nationwide on Goldbelly.”

“When his dream of slaying on the guitar in a rock band wasn’t paying the bills, Chef Duff Goldman turned to his talents as a classically trained pastry chef and metal craftsman and founded Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD in 2002. Duff and his intrepid team of cake decorators churned out cakes the world had never seen before: cakes with sound, cakes with smoke, cakes with motorized moving components, life-sized baby elephant cakes- no cake was too crazy to tackle.”

“It wasn’t long before Charm City Cakes caught the eye of the Food Network where the hit reality cake decorating series Ace of Cakes was born. The Baltimore bakery has had the pleasure of making their awesome clients’ cake dreams come true for over two decades!”

Chef Duff Goldman joins us with pastry bag in hand.

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