Show 565, February 17, 2024: Backyard Bantams – Guide to Urban Chicken Keeping at Centennial Farm Part One

Instructor Adam Waugh

Centennial Farm is a three-acre working farm located at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa. They offer Garden Classes open to the public including the upcoming Centennial Farm Workshop: Backyard Bantams – Your Guide to Urban Chicken Keeping on Saturday, February 24th from 10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.

“Join Centennial Farm for a unique urban ag-venture tailored specifically for Southern Californians looking to embrace backyard chicken keeping within the confines of city living. In this course, discover the world of bantam chickens, the ideal choice for enthusiasts with limited space and keen to comply with city ordinances while maintaining good neighborly relations. Learn about the diverse breeds of these petite and charming chickens, including which ones are prolific egg producers.”

“Instructor Adam Waugh (our guest) will guide attendees through the essentials, from designing the perfect coop to providing optimal nutrition and health management. Plus, get advice on navigating your city’s specific chicken-keeping regulations.”

“Adam Waugh is a high school science teacher with a passion for urban agriculture and sustainable living. During the summer, he works in the Garden & Floral Department at Centennial Farm at the OC Fair, sharing his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for gardening and plant care. A keen urban farmer, Adam specializes in gardening and raising bantams in his backyard, skillfully maximizing the potential of small animals in limited urban spaces.”

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