Show 577, May 11, 2024: WunderEggs by Crafty Counter (Austin, TX) with Founder & CEO Hema Reddy

Hema Reddy of Crafty Counter

“Crafty Counter, a standout product at this year’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, makes whole food plant-based vegan eggs made with simple ingredients and no preservatives or artificial ingredients, using cutting edge food science and proprietary technology.”

“The Austin-based company’s vision is to remove chickens from the food system, as 95% of eggs produced today are factory farmed, which in their view is inhumane and contributes to climate change. WunderEggs are sold in Whole Foods stores nationwide.”

Crafty Counter’s WunderEggs at the Expo were awarded First Place at Albertson’s 2nd Annual Innovation Launchpad competing against 60 participants. 1st Place comes with a cool $163,000 award. 1st Place comes with a cool $163,000 award. In 2022 at the Natural Products Expo West, WunderEggs won the coveted NEXTY Award for “Best New Meat or Dairy Alternative.”

Founder and Chief Executive Hema Reddy joins us cracking the shell on all that is WunderEggs.

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