Show 578, May 18, 2024: 2nd Annual Long Beach BBQ Festival with Organizer Qiana Mafnas of Axiom Kitchen

Qiana Mafras of Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ

“Calling all BBQ lovers! The 2nd Annual Long Beach BBQ Fest will take place on Saturday, May 25. May is National BBQ Month.”

“Organized by Ian and Qiana Mafnas, proprietors of the wildly popular Axiom Kitchen Smoked Meats & BBQ, sponsored by non-profit NoahS’s Arc Foundation and in collaboration with Long Beach Living, dozens of BBQ and other vendors will gather at Shoreline Aquatic Park on Saturday, May 25, from Noon to 9 p.m. to offer their smoked, sauced and rubbed specialties to BBQ lovers.”

Adding to the fun will be other food and craft vendors, craft beers, whiskey tasting, music, dancing and games. Tickets are $15 – $150 and can be purchased here.

“We are excited for year two of this very unique event”, said Ian and Qiana Mafnas in a joint statement. “We hope to give our fellow smokers and BBQ joints some great exposure and to all those attending a delicious and memorable afternoon and evening.”

Long Beach’s newly launched ISM Brewing will be pouring a couple of their distinctive styles. ISM last month won a pair of prestigious Gold Medals at the World Beer Cup for CalfFiend (infused with coffee) and Western Standard Time (West Coast IPA.)

Qiana Mafnas joins us with tongs in hand.

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