Show 167, April 9, 2016: Chef Michael Puglisi, Electric City Butcher, 4th Street Market, Santa Ana

Michael PuglisiChef Michael Puglisi (ex-Bouchon Beverly Hills) is the Electric City Butcher at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana. He was greatly influenced by a cousin in Sicily who has a popular, neighborhood butcher shop there. Chef Michael is a custom, whole animal, artisan butcher. We’ll meet him.

From Michael Puglisi:
“Electric City Butcher is built upon relationships – our relationship to you, our relationship to sustainable farmers and humanely raised animals, and your relationship to the food that you serve to your friends and family. ECB is modeled after our family’s shop in Sicily, where guests arrive with an idea of what they’d like, have a conversation with the butcher and leave with freshly prepared cuts. We take the time to offer personalized service and the highest quality products, because we believe that it matters what we serve to our family and we believe that you will taste the difference.”

In the neatly ordered shop just about everything is house-made except the prosciutto de Parma which is imported from Italy. In-house they prepare and cure salumi, sausages and create wonderful charcuterie platters. It’s all about the throwback, personal service and butchers who come from a serious culinary background.

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