Show 167, April 9, 2016: Executive Chef Brian Dunsmoor of Hatchet Hall & Philip Dobard, The Pacific Food & Beverage Museum

Brian Dunsmoor of Hatchet HallThe Pacific Food & Beverage Museum is inaugurating The Thoughtful Feast,” a new series of curated dinners that highlight the culinary heritage of Southern California, the Pacific Coast, American West, and beyond. The first dinner on April 11th will focus on a region of the American South that in the early 1700s developed a cosmopolitan cuisine, one that is not generally available in greater Los Angeles.

Host Chef Brian Dunsmoor of Hatchet Hall (the name is an unusual “tribute” to Carrie Nation, the ardent prohibitionist) in Culver City and The Pacific Food & Beverage’s Museum’s Philip Dobard are with us to set the ample table.

Charleston, South Carolina, was the South’s leading port in the Colonial Era, and the city’s wealth and trade links came to be expressed in a cuisine that included French, African, South Asian, and native foods and techniques. Chef Brian Dunsmoor of Hatchet Hall studied in Charleston and brings his personal experience to recreating a meal that would have been enjoyed in Colonial America but has flavors that are surprising and beguiling to a modern palate. Between courses, Chef Brian will explain the dishes and discuss the region’s culinary culture.

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