Show 179, July 9, 2016: Adam Seger CCP, Corporate Sommelier / Executive Bartender, iPic Entertainment

Adam SegerGoing to the movies doesn’t have to be a lackluster experience anymore when you’re talking about premium food and beverage offerings. iPic Entertainment is redefining how people eat and drink at the movies with 13 locations Coast-to-Coast and more on the way. In Southern California there are iPic complexes in Westwood and Pasadena. The chef-driven food is created by multiple James Beard-award winning chef, Sherry Yard.

Adam Seger, the Corporate Sommelier and Executive Bartender for iPic Entertainment, is our guest. A master barman, Adam has created high profile, signature cocktails now appearing on bar menus across the country. He even has his own line of bitters and has developed proprietary spirits. Cheers.

The Tuck Room Tavern is the newly conceived destination restaurant at iPic Westwood created by Chef Sherry Yard (ex-Spago Beverly Hills.) A serious cocktail program is part of the experience.

iPic’s answer to a concession stand –features a chef-driven menu from acclaimed Chef Sherry Yard, to be delivered to guests in Premium Plus. Freshness and quality is key followed by special attention taken to craft each dish to be in-cinema friendly for guests to enjoy in a dark cinema during the movie. iPic wouldn’t forget the classics, Chef Sherry has selected an assortment of classic candies and custom treats as well as classic and gourmet popcorn flavors to satisfy your sweet, or savory, tooth. iPic Express also offers an assortment of cocktails, beer, and wine, featuring our exclusive Cocktail Shaker.

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