Show 186, August 27, 2016: Jennifer Rolander, Marketing Director, Tuxton China, Inc.

Tuxton ChinaIn September Tuxton is donating a percentage of their total sales to support the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP,) an extraordinary non-profit that transforms the lives of at-risk high school students through the culinary arts. In Los Angeles alone, C-CAP was able to work with 3,200 students in 22 schools and awarded over $765,000 in scholarships in the 2015-2016 academic year. There are also programs in Arizona, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Note to Chefs & Restaurateurs….

If you’re thinking about buying chinaware in September please support the good work of C-CAP and consider Tuxton China. Your future star employees thank you.

Tuxton China Company started business in 1999, but it has a long family history which has contributed to its success. Back in 1963 T.Y. Lam founded what came to be known as the world famous Chinese Ceramic Arts Import and Export Company. Due to his renowned reputation and the fact that the Chinese Government was privatizing factories, Mr. Lam took over a government factory in order to continue expanding his business.  So in 1989 The Lynn’s Group (which currently makes chinaware for the retail industry) was formed in conjunction with his other business. While the Lynn’s Group continued to grow, Mr. Lam recruited his children to help run the company and keep his legacy alive.  Eventually they opened offices in Hong Kong, China and the United States.  While Lynn’s kept up the retail manufacturing, the company also began to manufacture for numerous well-known companies in the U.S. foodservice industry. This move led to the founding of Tuxton China Inc.

Three generations of the Lam family continue to run Lynn’s and Tuxton China, and with the addition of William Burden (former owner of Burden China Co., Inc.) who became Tuxton’s President in 2001, Tuxton has become one of the top suppliers in the foodservice industry.

For more than a decade, Tuxton has been anchored by its core values of passionate dedication to customer service, excellence in product quality, high integrity, embracing innovation, and last but not least, a positive and humble attitude. These values, along with Tuxton’s dedication to its employees and customers, continue to drive the company to be the best in the industry.

Tuxton’s Marketing Director, Jennifer Rolander, joins us with all the needed 411.

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