Show 199, November 26, 2016: Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish Restaurant Group – Holiday Entertaining

Andrew and William GruelChef Andrew Gruel thankfully rescued us from potential Thanksgiving kitchen disasters with reliable information from a real, working chef.

Now it’s on to December Holiday entertaining and the stakes are equally high. Is the Boss and spouse perhaps coming over for a Holiday Party?

Chef Andrew has more practical and inspired Holiday cooking tips aplenty to share…

A great suggestion is to serve your Holiday meal courses Family-style instead of individually plating every course. It’s more interactive for the guests and saves time and space. Keep your guests involved.

For inspiration please take a look at Chef Andrew’s Facebook Live presentation on preparing stuffing. As you might guess there could be a seafood ingredient in the stuffing. It’s “Talking Thanksgiving Stuffing.”

The video also highlights his December Slapfish program of “giving back” benefiting the grass-roots Bracken’s Kitchen. Nothing more worthy at Holiday time than getting local people in need (children, too) fed nourishing food.



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