Show 209, February 4, 2017: Team USA Head Coach Chef Philip Tessier, Hestan Smart Cooking Culinary Director

Team USA wins Hold at the 2017 Bocuse D'orWe’ve been enthusiastically following Team USA’s progress (backed by the ment’or BKB Foundation) in the Bocuse d’Or International Culinary Competition for the last five years. Late last month Team USA achieved the impossible – Gold in Lyon. Team USA’s Coach Philip Tessier and Team USA Vice President Gavin Kaysen join us to savor this tremendous achievement for the culinary arts in the United States. Both are former competitors in the Bocuse d’Or themselves.

Kudos to Team USA’s Chef Mathew Peters and Commis Harrision Turone

USA’s Team USA Coach, Chef Philip Tessier, joins us now.

Team USA Coach Philip Tessier (who is also the Hestan Smart Cooking Culinary Director) is no stranger to the Bocuse d’Or. In 2015 he represented Team USA and was awarded the Silver Medal.

This was the first time in the (then) 28-year history of Bocuse d’Or that an American chef had been on the Victory Stand. Incredibly, only 9 points (out of a maximum of 2,000) separated Gold and Silver in 2015.

Previously from a field of 24 countries the USA had never placed higher than 6th.


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