Show 215, March 18, 2017: “The Meatheads” (Terry and Jay) From West Coast Prime Meats

Premium Lamb from West Coast Prime MeatsPassover and Easter are on the immediate horizon. For serious home cooks that means a family table of ham and/or lamb for Easter, and lamb for Passover. Our resident meats experts (The heralded Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry & Jay) have some practical advice and cooking tips for us.

What’s all the fuss about lamb from Colorado and New Zealand? We’ll find out. The Meatheads give us the 411 on American lamb, Colorado lamb, and lamb from New Zealand from two different points-of-view. Do note there are grades of lamb.

Lamb Crown Roast is a great variation for Easter or Passover and don’t forget the Country Ham option for the Easter table. Grilled marinated Leg of Lamb is a good option, too.

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