Show 233, July 22, 2017: Dominic Palmieri, The Midway Gourmet, OC Fair

Dominic Palmieri of Midway GourmetWe always look forward to sharing with you the new, creative taste sensations at The Orange County Fair on now through August 13th. Already creating excitement from The Midway Gourmet is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on virtually everything edible including pizza and fresh corn.

Last year, 50% of Fairgoers surveyed said their favorite part of the Fair is the food. Fried, sugary or savory – and sometimes all three at once – the delectable edibles are some of the big stars of the OC Fair.

New from RCS Cowboy Kettle Corn is Unicorn Nitro Pop, a cotton candy ring around a colorful cup of kettle corn and whipped cream, submerged in liquid nitrogen (also available: Nitro Whip)

The master of midway food himself, Chef Dominic Palmieri, the Midway Gourmet, joins us for the tempting, high calorie update.

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