Show 264, March 10, 2018: Executive Chef / Proprietor David Pratt, Brick Restaurant, San Clemente

David PrattExecutive Chef/Proprietor David Pratt of Brick Restaurant in San Clemente likes to challenge himself. He’s been very successful since opening 6 years ago with his distinctive gourmet pizzas from the wood-burning oven with a subspecialty in massive, multi-meat (beef, pork and veal) meatballs cooked in the wood-burning oven.

Chef David has newly installed an eye-popping Santa Maria-style grill and the appealing farm menu has broadened to include grilled lobster, rib-eye and hangar steals, lamb chops and whole young chicken.

“David Pratt, a visionary and true foodie at heart, is passionate about fresh, sustainable and flavorful food. He cares deeply about the food he creates, but he cares even more that people are happy with it. “I try to talk to each table that comes in,” David says. “I want to make sure everyone has a good experience.”

“His hands are in each aspect of the business, from making pasta and shopping at farmers markets to overseeing the wine list and meeting guests.  One bite into a wood-fired Margherita pizza or the house roasted Porchetta and it all comes full circle.”

We divert Chef David from working the Santa Maria grill for a chat.



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