Show 267, March 31, 2018: Revier Cattle Co’s Tom Revier and Paul Hillen

Tom RevierRevier Cattle Company (RCC) raises Prime/Choice-graded Black Angus cattle in Olivia, MN. All RCC’s purebred Black Angus operations seed stock is developed with no expense spared to achieve the highest quality beef. With decades of cattle raising experience, RCC is a true expert when it comes to choosing and nurturing Premium Cattle.

As a result of this commitment, consumers can be assured of safe, high quality, sustainable beef as part of a balanced, highly nutritious, and delicious diet at home and in the finest dining establishments.

“Revier Cattle Company (RCC) effectively and efficiently manages livestock production while protecting the environment.”

“Livestock manure is full of natural soil nutrients. Utilizing manure as fertilizer reduces the need for mined and manufactured sources. The fence lines and pastures necessary for livestock production add diversity to the environment by protecting soil and providing a habitat for wildlife.”

“RCC facilities incorporate tertiary anaerobic digester technology to capture and treat animal waste. The solids and liquids are separated to provide flexibility in application of this natural soil enhancer. In the future, plans are to capture additional energy from animal waste and convert it in to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel for company trucks and equipment.”


4th generation (the 5th generation is already at work, too) cattle rancher Tom Revier is our guest.


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