Show 270, April 21, 2018: Chef Marlene Moore, Temptations Food Walk, Pechanga Resort & Casino

Chef Marlene Moore outside Cabana 14 at the CoveThe effervescent Chef Marlene Moore of Temptations Food Walk at Pechanga probably needs no introduction. At Temptations she even fries fresh donuts right there throughout the day & night.

Chef Marlene’s realm includes Caffee Cocoa – Fine Coffees and Coffee (24 hours), Pronto Italian, Agave Mexican Delights, American Classics (24 hours), Little Wok Asian Specialties, Pechanga Fried Chicken and Banh Mi (made to order) and hot dog carts.

In addition to Temptations Food Walk, Chef Marlene oversees all the food in the long-running Bingo Parlor and bustling Poker Room.

When it comes to Pechanga’s Annual Microbrew Fest & Chili Cookoff Chef Marlene (and her high energy team) are always in it to win it. Last year in a bit of an upset Chef Marlene (Pechanga’s 2-time Chili Champ) was unseated by Chef Ikeda of Umi Sushi & Oyster Bar whose sake-glazed Kobe beef chili reigned supreme. The heat is on for June 9th.…

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