Show 271, April 28, 2018: “Tequila John” Atanasio, Tattoo Tequila

Tequila John AtanasioTattoo Tequila CEO, “Tequila John” Atanasio (a Maui resident) set out 7 years ago with the goal of crafting a “Super Premium Tequila” that would use the highest grade of organic Blue Weber Agave available in the World and to use the best ingredients available to develop “The Champagne of Tequilas.” Tattoo Tequila today has legitimate brand positioning as a leader in the Craft Spirits sector.

Tattoo Tequila has a portfolio of 100% organic Blue Agave based tequila with expressions that include Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo.

Tequila John was part of the Festival on Friday presenting the unexpected “Chocolate & Organic Tequila Pairings” seminar. It sold out… Tequila John demonstrated how different, organic tequilas and uniquely flavored chocolates (provided by Farsheed’s Cocoa Outlet) can tastefully complement each other. We’re all in…

Tattoo Tequila can be found in Southern California at BevMo! stores.

We’ll meet The Tequila John. He’s an original…


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