Show 292, September 29, 2018: Food Finders’ “Chefs to the Rescue Benefit” featuring “Edible Extras,” Long Beach

Philip PrettyFood Finders, an established food recovery nonprofit, is hosting the 3rd annual Chefs to the Rescue”, a fundraising event on Tuesday, October 9th from 6 – 9pm in Long Beach.

For this unique event, Food Finders is challenging prominent local chefs to create “Edible Extras”; tasting samples and small plates made from perfectly tasty and safe rescued, recovered or repurposed food that otherwise would end up being tossed away.

“We are making inroads on reducing hunger and food waste, but we have a ways to go, so this event is designed to remind people that food and water are precious commodities,” said Patti Larson, executive director of Food Finders. “We’re continuing this theme not only because it remains timely, but aligns perfectly with our mission—and everyone loves the food created but these popular local chefs!”

Participating Chef Philip Pretty of Long Beach’s Restauration and Food Finders’ Patti Larson (Executive Director) join us.

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