Show 295, October 27, 2018: Chef Pierre-Marie Leprince, Director Guest Culinary Experience, Princess Cruises

Pierre-Marie LeprinceDistinguised and honored chef Pierre-Marie Leprince, a native of Brittany, France, is Princess Cruises’ Director of Guest Culinary Experience. He has been honored as a “Master Chef of France.” He is only one of 4 chefs around the world associated with a cruise line to be so honored.

With Princess Cruises leading the way the glory days of distinctive dining at sea have returned. No matter what a guest might be craving, there is a delicious, freshly-prepared option available aboard each Princess Cruises ship.

We chatted with Chef Leprince earlier this year after visiting his well-equipped research kitchen in Santa Clarita for a tasting and he now encores with us to discuss our cruise dining experience aboard Ruby Princess.

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