Show 298, November 17, 2018: Cookbook Author Extraordinaire Dorie Greenspan, Everyday Dorie – The Way I Cook

Dorie Greenspan and her cookbook Dories CookiesAward-winning author Dorie Greenspan is the recipient of five prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards for her writing. Her newest title (her baker’s dozen effort) is Everyday Dorie – The Way I Cook. It’s her most personal work to date and an incredible friend for the challenged home cook.

In her latest cookbook Dorie’s legion of loyal fans can find the irresistible food she turns to for weekday and weekend meals. These are the meals she makes for friends in Paris, where she has lived for part of the year for more than twenty years, and the ones she prepares in her small New York City kitchen and her rural Connecticut home.

“The recipes, most of which are simple, none of which needs skills beyond basic, turn out food that’s comforting, satisfying and inviting,” she says.

“Whenever I’m cooking, I like to sneak in a little surprise. I love it when there’s something unexpected in a dish, especially when it’s in one we know well.”—From the Introduction

“Greenspan prides herself on being a practical cook. She prefers to use common ingredients found in supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and her pantry and fridge. Often her fresh touches come from the way she appropriates what she has on hand to create a new dish, like Pasta with Cabbage, Winter Squash, and Walnuts, which gets a pert burst from dried cranberries and a splash of cider vinegar.”

Dorie was recently in Los Angeles on her national book tour and the “SoCal Restaurant Show” was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Dorie at her Media Reception at Melissa’s. The Melissa’s team of chefs prepared a representative assortment of 9 dishes from the book (from Ricotta Spoonable to Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies) and Dorie demonstrated some recipes including Sweet and Smoky Roasted Carrots which will be on her Thanksgiving Table.

“These days I have only one rule : There must be dessert! Please follow it.” – Dorie Greenspan. We wholeheartedly agree…

We’re in the home kitchen with Dorie.

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