Show 317, March 30, 2019: Co-Host and Slapfish Restaurant Group Founder, Chef Andrew Gruel

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosOur own Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group, is again back with his always informative “Ask the Chef” commentary. He’s a real, working chef with great insight and experience. Chef Andrew is on the road this morning from parts unknown. We’ll find out…

A well-meaning State Assemblyman has introduced legislation to eliminate paper receipts from restaurants and businesses. You’ll only get a receipt if you ask for one. While we’d like to curtail the ridiculously long receipt you get at CVS (with all their promotions) the bigger question is will this plan significantly reduce waste? At the same time is everything we think that is being recycled now really being recycled…?

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