Show 329, June 22, 2019: Master Griller Jamie Purviance – Weber’s Ultimate Grilling Part One

Jamie Purviance of Weber GrillsJamie Purviance has been Weber’s master griller and teacher for 20 years. He creates innovative yet accessible and always delicious, foolproof recipes for desired results every time. The short, easily adaptable dishes in his new WEBER’S ULTIMATE GRILLING – A Step-By-Step Guide to Barbecue Genius go above and beyond in both flavor and instruction, delving into the key grilling methods used to create the most flavorful flame-cooked meals. This is his 17th cookbook!

With Purviance’s skilled guidance, readers will master the four T’s of grilling (temperature, timing, technique, and tools) and be able to apply them to any recipe for absolute best results.

Jamie puts down the tongs and joins us for an instructive tutorial.

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