Show 330, June 29, 2019: Mani Niall – “Baker to the Stars” Part Two

Baker to the Stars Mani Niall“Baker to the Stars” Mani Niall is fondly remembered for the groundbreaking Mani’s Bakery in Los Angeles launched in 1989. For the last 6 years he’s been the proprietor of Sweet Bar Bakery in Oakland which he sold last year.

For the last month he was the chef in residence at Playa Viva in Guerrero, Mexico. Playa Viva is an eco-luxury boutique hotel and treehouse resort with their own farm. They also source cacao from a neighboring farmer.

Mani provides some learned tips from Playa Viva on the prime havesting stage of coconuts for different purposes. Young coconuts are best for premium coconut water. On the other hand when you need to use the coconut for its meat an older coconut is in order.

We continue baking with Chef Mani of Mani’s Test Kitchen.


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