Show 334, July 27, 2019: Kynbo App for Foodies with Co-Creator Thao Doan

John Dolan and Thao Dian of the Kynbo AppFor the 2nd year the nifty KYNBO App is available as a genuinely useful tool for effortlessly navigating DINE LBC – Long Beach Restaurant Week.

Kynbo is the direct access for getting up-to-date menu info and photos for DINE LBC – Long Beach Restaurant Week participating restaurants. It’s available to download for free on either smart phone platform or via their Website.

“We are parents, high-tech professionals, and active community members with a passion for food, especially when shared with family and friends. We believe in simplicity and getting to the point as quickly as possible, and within context. Kynbo™ means “vicinity” in Japanese.”

“We built the Kynbo™ app for diners mainly for us. We want to see menus from nearby restaurants with one-click and not five. We want the ability to find exactly what we want to eat and drink way beyond Cuisine. We also want restaurants to let us know of any Specials, Events, or Rewards in real time to help us decide where to eat. Restaurants can now do this with the Kynbo™ restaurant portal.”

“Our goal is for Kynbo™ to be helpful and accessible by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The Kynbo™ app for diners is free, and it is also free for restaurants to be on Kynbo™. We want diners to search and find whatever food or drink they crave at any price point. As food lovers, we love the hole in the wall Pho place as much as the French Laundry. Kynbo™ will forever change how diners and restaurants interact, for the better. We hope you join us in this needed disruptive change.”

“Feed Your Cravings!”

Co-Founder Thao Doan joins us with the intriguing specifics.

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