Show 336, August 10, 2019: Zama Tea & Kombucha, Old Town Tustin Part One

Leanne Herrera of Zama Tea and KombuchaZama Tea & Kombucha is a community-focused, brick and mortar tea and Kombucha bar and wellness café serving many tasty vegan and healthier food options. Zama celebrated its Third Anniversary in Old Town Tustin in June.

“Observing the demands of a healthier beverage, Zama Tea opened one of the first Kombucha On Tap locations in the OC at the Packing House’s lower level. That location has since moved to Old Town Tustin, Ca. Kombucha [Kawm-Boo-Cha ] a non-alcoholic, probiotic tea is gaining popularity among foodies who favor organic beverages with a very low sugar content and lots of health benefits.

All the Kombuchas are house-brewed and at any given time a rotating selection of ten flavors options (from a master recipe library of 70 flavors) are available to enjoy on tap at the 12-foot Kombucha Bar. It’s housed in a carefully restored, historic building in Old Town Tustin (the site of the first Doctor’s Office in Tustin.) It’s also the home of the Three Pug Bakery, a local artisan enterprise.

Zama Tea & Kombucha provides a welcome, holistic respite from the stresses of everyday life. An unexpected feature is a tranquil, shaded back patio.

Proprietress Leanne Herrera pulls the tap for us.

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