Show 336, August 10, 2019: Zama Tea & Kombucha, Old Town Tustin Part Two

Leanne Herrera of Zama Tea and KombuchaZama Tea & Kombucha is a community-focused, brick and mortar tea and Kombucha bar and wellness café serving many tasty vegan and healthier food options. Zama celebrated its Third Anniversary in Old Town Tustin in June.

“Kombucha is a very popular topic in the beverage industry these days. While very well-liked, it is also quite controversial. The main reason for this is the many claims of health benefits, arguments over the best ingredients to use, and especially whether “raw” or pasteurized versions are better for you. Don’t let the controversy bother you, though; it is still a beverage that you should consider drinking and enjoying!”

Kombucha is a beverage made of fermented bacteria and yeast in tea. Its routes have been traced back to 221 B.C. in China, but may go back even further! While the drink is called various things including “Manchurian mushroom,” the tea fungus is not made with any mushrooms. (The reason for this name comes from the appearance that is created during the fermenting process.)

Proprietress Leanne Herrera continues the conversation and taps a fresh keg of Kombucha for us.

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